About Us

God's Table. God's Abundance.
All are welcome!

Church of our Saviour is a lively place with parishioners of all ages, from Somerset, Swansea, Berkley, Dighton, Fall River, and many other surrounding towns. Our building’s cornerstone, marked “1962,” shows that we are still a young church. Many parishioners who helped make this physical building possible continue to bless Church of Our Saviour with their talents and wisdom. Our Church School serves about 15 children a year. We also offer adult learning opportunities, both through seasonal study series and our annual retreat. We are proud that the centerpiece of our church is mission to the community. The Annelle Delorme-Hagerman Food Pantry and Alden Burhoe Meal Ministry feed over 400 hungry people a month. Our most important value at Church of Our Saviour? Hospitality. We want you to feel welcome, through warm and inviting worship, friendly coffee hour, and engaging events throughout the year. Come and see!